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Reading Order for the Indiana Jones Novels

I bought a couple of the Indiana Jones novels recently without really realizing how the order might affect the enjoyment. I have read that the Max McCoy novels are the best and I happened to pick up Philosopher's Stone. and Secret of the Sphynx. I was wondering if I would still enjoy Philosopher's Stone without reading any of the previous ones by Rob MacGregor or Martin Caidin.
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It's been a while since I read them, but IIRC, for the most part the authors don't really rely on the other, earlier authors' books, but there are at least a few references here and there. Also, IIRC the books do follow a chronology, going from the early '20s to the mid-'30s.

I'd therefore recommend going with the publication order. FWIW, I thought the MacGregor ones and the McCoy ones were about as good as each other anyway.
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This should help
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Johnny Nys
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The timeline's missing some Hohlbein books.

The Feathered Snake (1932)
The Ship of the Gods (1939)
The Avalon Legacy (1940)
The Gold of El Dorado (1941)
The Labyrinth of Horus (1941)
The Secret of Easter Island (1941)
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Awesome thanks alot, I wasn't sure I had found the right order and this confirms that I had, again thanks!
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