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Indy's brother
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Slap one of those shock collars on her that they put on dogs to keep them from howling.
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I love Willie,but if I didn't,here are a few suitable demises:

Willie goes for the diamond during the nightclub melee; a fat Chinese woman (presumably the one she kicked in the script) also spots the gem and throws herself on the singer's back ass-first,crushing her flat. The woman's heeled shoe jams down Willie's throat,choking her as the last of her air leaves her body through her broken ribs and the hefty woman collects her sparkling prize.

Shorty is tired of Willie's constant complaining, and jealous of the attention Indy is devoting to her; with a gentle nudge,he urges his baby elephant to forge ahead and bump into Willie's,spilling her to the ground,where she is smashed to a pulp underfoot. The elephant requires little in the way of convincing.

Zalim Singh is terribly insulted by Willie's dinnertime theatrics,and orders her executed, (a dip with the crocodiles sounds fair).

While walking barefoot toward Pankot Palace,Willie stumbles on a pebble and does a face-plant,cracking her skull on the courtyard stone. Unbeknownst to Indy,a couple of Kali devotees rush to capture the American hussy's streaming blood in a chalice, to pamper their dark mistress during a later ritual.

With the mine cart careening wildly along the tracks, Indy declares, "There's too much weight-one of us has to go!" After a moment of considering,he decides that he is the adventurer whose name is even in the title,("Its not like the #$@%ing movie is called 'Willie Scott and the Temple of Doom"),and the death of a kid will earn an R rating at best,plus remove a required multi-cultural stereotype from the film. With a bump and a shriek,Willie eats track,her body upending the last of the Thuggee carts.
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