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Joe Brody
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Wes Anderson

He's reached Tarantino status and deserves his own thread.

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I actually think Wes is more rewatchabel that Quint has been.

TOp 5 Wes movies? for me:

1) The Darjeeling Limited Hands up who wants soup
2) The Royal Tenenbaums - WHat Hotel New Hampshire could have been
3) Rushmore
4) The Grand Budapest Hotel
5) The Life Aquatic/ Moonrise Kingdom (mayeb a tie?)
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Pale Horse
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Apparently I only like his animal films. And by like I mean seen, and by seen I mean sat through. Squid and Fox.
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Attila the Professor
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Man, Darjeeling Limited is the only one I haven't seen...other than, I guess, the short films.

Would need to go back and see, say, Rushmore and Tenenbaums to really make the comparison, but I've really enjoyed how emotionally rich or, at least, sincere these last couple have felt. And Fox is delightful.
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Forbidden Eye
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His next film will be animated...
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