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mindy muffles
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Originally Posted by metalinvader
George Michale,eh? Maybe John Hurt is playing Andrew Ridgeley and Indy actually is teamin gup with WHAM! in this movie.

If that is his name in the movie...I wonder if they'll pay homnage to the singer and have Mac give a guy oral in a gas station bathroom? It might be hard to work that into the story though.
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The Man
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Originally Posted by mindy muffles
If that is his name in the movie...I wonder if they'll pay homnage to the singer and have Mac give a guy oral in a gas station bathroom? It might be hard to work that into the story though.

Well, it ain't PG-13 for nothing...
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Originally Posted by mindy muffles
If that is his name in the movie...I wonder if they'll pay homnage to the singer and have Mac give a guy oral in a gas station bathroom? It might be hard to work that into the story though.

Maybe he gives Indy oral in the fridge.
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The Man
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Originally Posted by Adamwankenobi
Maybe he gives Indy oral in the fridge.

That certainly would bring the scene to a climax. Ahem...
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michale like mick ale thus "mac"
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What kind of media-network does Sankara work for, and why would they just send out this information to him? I'm not suggesting he's lying, so please don't take it that way. It just seems odd, is all.

Also, I was actually listening to WHAM! when I clicked on this thread. It came up on shuffle. Ahahahah... ohgodkillmenow.
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Originally Posted by |ZiR|
What kind of media-network does Sankara work for, and why would they just send out this information to him? I'm not suggesting he's lying, so please don't take it that way. It just seems odd, is all.

Also, I was actually listening to WHAM! when I clicked on this thread. It came up on shuffle. Ahahahah... ohgodkillmenow.

Many people in the biz got that mail. See the "production note"-thread.
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Barwood had mentioned before in interviews that he once tried making a game that the beards rejected because of its similarity to a concept floating around for a possible 4th film...

Just found this quote from an interview on Indy Experience (old, obviously) that really seems more specific than other quotes because it establishes the setting as the 1950s, as a sci-fi in the Americas...

Originally Posted by Hal Barwood
Originally Posted by Indy Experience
Have there ever been any Indy game storylines that were considered but never went into development? If so, what kinds of stories were considered and can you tell us about them?

Well yes, several. The first one Iím aware of was what I was originally hired to design and build. Iíve forgotten the actual title, but Chris Columbus had written a screenplay for a 4th Jones movie, and it had been rejected. Management thought it might work as a game, but I thought it was substandard. I guess everyone else did too, but I was the only real screenwriter in the company, and when I turned up my nose everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The narrative took Indy to Africa and had him pursuing Chinese artifacts there.

Much later, when I was starting what turned out to become The Infernal Machine, I wanted to do a game based on a story that George and Steve were rumored to have concocted. The next movie wasnít happening, so I was hopeful. Instead, I was told, ďdonít go there,Ē because the story might still become the basis of a movie. Aside from mentioning that the subject was science fiction and the setting was America in the 1950ís, I canít talk about it.
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The Sean Connery factor,why so much secrecy?

I just want to go over a few things..The first thing we heard before cameras were going to roll,that they wanted Connery to reprise the role as Dr.Henry Jones..Spielberg had said he would get Connery into the movie,one way or another...Then we were given a statement by Connery himself,who is 78,saying he would love to do the film,but retirement agrees with him...What malarky is this? You throw millions of dollars at someone they would do it!!! What was Connery's last film..5 years ago? Thats not long enuff (The League of Extaordinary Gentleman) So i think Spielberg concocted this story,to make everyone feel Connery wouldnt be in it..Theres a gag order on the plot,and on the actor themselves...We heard about the aliens.....we know there will be cameos by other characters..(Ill take seeing sallah again over Short Round,anyday)..I heard that John Hurt will play Abner Ravenwood,the man beleived to be dead in the first film and Marion's father...But here comes the kicker,and i COULD be wrong..I think the plot of the film is focused around the character of...........DR HENRY JONES!!!!!!!!! I think Connery will be in the film..Any thoughts to this theory..Maybe hes abducted by aliens,and Indy has to fight off the Russians to get the Crystal Skull..The Skull which will help contact the Mothership,and free Dr.Henry Jones........Any thoughts on this?
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not happening. NEVER.
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Dr. Gonzo
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That DK ultimate Indiana Jones guide book that we have been getting a few spoilers from says that Henry Sr. died in the early 50's.
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herr gruber
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Thank goodness Connery isn't in it, anyway! He was good for the Crusade movie but he isn't required. Enjoy your golf, Mr. Connery.
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Originally Posted by metalinvader
George Michale,eh? Maybe John Hurt is playing Andrew Ridgeley and Indy actually is teamin gup with WHAM! in this movie.

Mac's last name has a typo. In the Lost Journal, it's MacHale. I saw a scanned page from the diary that mentions Mac. The scans are in the Lost Journal thread.
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I have no proof of this...just what I heard. A buddy of mine who works on the Warner Brothers lot was told by a coworker that while IJ4 was filiming there he saw a trailer with Sean Connery's name on it.

I never mentioned this before because frankly I thought it was BS...but you never know.
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So we all agree,

Unlike the last 3 films - Ark, Stones, Grail... all based on actual artifacts, this one is a bit different. Lucas took a myth and dreamt up his own story...

Originally Posted by Dr.Sartorius
Ever hear of a source or a link?

Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a story that has a 'link" or a "source" to actual mythology and actual artifacts that can be found in museums and held by private parties all over the globe.

That's cool, I dig it. Always thought it would be too much for Indy to track down 13 of anything - simpler is better.

Plus the artifact doesn't matter - I am going for the ride.
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Professor Jones
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I think that could be fun now that we all know KOTCS movie to verify how many silly plots have been invented and suggested as true by some fans and forumers. Most of them are from

I apologize because I'll have to double-post, cause the quotes are very long.

Here it goes the first one.

Originally Posted by What Truck?
I have an acquaintance who claims to have seen a screening of the first c. 20 minutes of INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. This is his summary of it. The Hawthorn character is Jim Broadbent. He didn't recognize the actor playing young Indy. He's evidently an unknown, but "plays it to the hilt" and resembles Ford enough that it works. He assured me it's not Cory Carrier or anyone else we know. Matt = Shaia LeBeouf. Ravenwood = John Hurt. It may be legit, but take it with a grain of salt...I don't know this guy very well, but he did give me a very accurate summary of TRANSFORMERS long before it came out, so you never can tell.
The movie opens in Marrakesh in 1925 with young Indy and Professor Ravenwood tracking down an Egyptian stone connected to the Ark of the Covenant (the Paramount logo dissolves into a mountain peak behind the city). The stone will supposedly tell the location of Tanis. They meet with a black market merchant who possesses a crystal skull, which he tries to hide and which the Professor offers to buy for $3000. The merchant refuses to sell it for any amount of money.The Professor sneaks back alone to the merchant's tent and attempts to steal the skull. He is caught and captured by the merchant's gang. Indy shows up just in time, freeing the Professor with his whip and revolver. Indy commandeers a wagon to escape. They later switch to a car. A chase through Marrakesh at night follows, ending with Indy and the Professor escaping onto a ship going down a river.Indy asks the Professor why he nearly got them killed over the skull. The Professor tells him the legend of the crystal skulls: there are seven of them, now scattered across the world, and when brought together in the temple of the crystal skull, they will reveal knowledge and power mankind has never dreamed of. Greater than the Ark of the Covenant, he says. The kingdom and temple of the crystal skulls are in the Yucatan, hidden by the Mayans when the Spanish invaded.Fast-forward to 1957. Indy is about to become professor emeritus (in other words, retire) at Marshall College. He has tenure and is well respected but is viewed as past his prime. He has not done field work in years. His star pupil is Matt Dutton. After Indy is through teaching his last class (on the Mayans), he is called to the dean's office, where he is met by Art Hawthorn, a friend of his visiting from Yale. Hawthorne has brought with him a crystal skull which will be loaned to the college museum. Indy remembers the legend of the skulls. The dean asks Indy to speak at the exhibit opening but he declines.That night, the exhibit opens but after-hours the skull is stolen from the museum and Hawthorn, who is just preparing to leave, is killed by the four robbers."
Later in the same thread, this COMPLETE PLOT SUMMARY was posted:
"In 1925 Indiana Jones and Abner Ravenwood are searching for a tablet that will lead them to the Ark. They get into a fight with a gang of Arabs when Abner tries to steal a crystal skull from a merchant who won't sell it to him. They escape on a riverboat. Abner tells Indy that there are seven crystal skulls dispersed across the world. They originally came from Atlantis and hold
powers greater than the Ark.
After the prologue it's 1957 and Indy is getting ready to retire. His friend Hawthorne arrives from Yale with a crystal skull he is donating to the museum. Thieves break into the museum and steal the skull, killing Hawthorne in the process. Indy's student Matt finds a map in Hawthorne's briefcase showing the location of the Temple of the Crystal Skull and where another
crystal skull is hidden. The thieves surprise Indy and Matt and chase them through the college campus and city. Indy is captured but Matt escapes with the map. The thieves are revealed to be Soviets, headed by the ruthless Irina.
They take Indy on board a ship and show him Marion, who they've taken prisoner. They give him a choice, he can either help them locate the last crystal skull and the temple or Marion dies. They give Indy and Marion some time alone, during which she punches him for having left her twenty
years ago. But Indy still cares for her and agrees to help the Russians. Under escourt, Indy goes to his house and packs. Matt has been following them and stows away on the plane they board.
The plane takes them to Mexico City. There, Matt engineers a rescue of Indy. Matt is shocked to find his mother, Marion. It comes out that Matt is Indy's son, which neither Indy or Matt knew because Matt has been living under the name of Marion's dead husband, Dutton. After the family reunion, they
meet up with Mac, a friend of Indy's in Mexico City. With Hawthorne's map, they intend to beat the Russians to the last skull and the temple.
Indy and company take a jeep and make camp in the jungle. Matt and Marion stay behind while Indy and Mac go into a catacomb to get the last skull. They make it through several traps before entering the sanctuary, where the skull is suspended by vines over a pit. Cutting the right vine will release the skull and make it swing to them, but cutting a wrong one will drop it below, where it will shatter. Using the map, Indy figures out the right vine and gets the skull. He burns the map.
When Indy and Mac return, they are captured by the Russians, who also have Marion and Matt. Indy is beaten up. Irina ties Indy to a chair and has him tortured with an electrical wire. She points a gun at Marion's head, then Matt's. She wants to know the location of the temple. Indy tells her, but says they'll never get inside without his help.
The temple is in the middle of an old Mayan city deep in the jungle. Matt insists on going in with Indy and Mac, and Marion insists if Matt's going, so is she. Irina and Russian soldiers follow close behind. At one point, Indy and company have to swing over a chasm, and the Russians build a temporary bridge across it after Indy and Mac throw ropes from the other side. There's
an altar inside the temple where the crystal skulls are to be placed to unlock their secrets. Irina demands Indy tell her the proper position for each skull, and he does. She places them on the altar and they and the whole room begin to glow. To gain the skull's power, you have to choose the right one and take it from the altar. Indy refuses to tell Irina which one, and she orders Marion, Matt and Mac shot dead. Irina watches as Indy chooses the uppermost left skull, and he uses it to
return Marion, Matt and Mac to life. After Indy replaces the skull, Irina chooses the same skull. But the whole place begins to shake and light fills the room. Indy says that which skull you choose depends on your intentions in using the power of the skulls. Irina was after the power for herself, and she chose wrong.
The skulls are destroying the temple and the entire city. Indy and company escape the temple as it explodes with a blast of power from the skulls, and the blast radiates out and starts bringing down the city's buildings. Indy and company make it to a safe distance. Irina and the Russians aren't seen again. Matt asks Indy if he still wants to retire from all of this. Indy says who knows what tomorrow will bring for any of them. Indy, Matt, Marion and Mac get in a jeep and start back for Mexico City. "
Additional possible insider information:
"The Skulls do NOT come from Atlantis. They were given to the Mayans by the gods, who turn out to be extraterrestrials. The bodies of some of the dead "gods" come back to life in the catacombs and attack Indy and Mac. They are ALIENS.
Darabont's version of the story had the aliens in the forefront. The version that was shot makes them a background element.
Mac BETRAYS Indy. He's working for the Russians to start with, unknown to Indy. He's how the Russians find their campsite in the jungle. He has a change of heart, however, and turns against the Russians. He's more complex than
just a sidekick. He reminds me of Ilse from Last Crusade, though he's redeemed where she isn't.
The Ark is in the film briefly in a flashback narrated by Jim Broadbent. But it's not part of the Skull plotline."
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Professor Jones
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Another one:

Originally Posted by effin
very cool description of indy 4 footage from usc film student, sounds very plausible
"Im just back from a lecture and OMG!!
We had a guy called Michael Cuvas in to talk to us about projects he's worked on. He showed us some footage from some of his old projects then told us that we were the first to see this next clip.
And AGHHHH. He played a breif trailer for Indy 4! Loads of effects werent finished but OMG it looks amazing.
I kinda missed the beggining cos i was so shocked . It took a minute for it to sink in. Literally i was hyperventilating!

There was shots of the Ark of the Covenant?!?!?!? being lifted out a wooden crate and loads of like scientists watching aghast.

there was a few shots soldiers in big jeeps moving across the desert. Then it showed Cate Blanchette stepping out of one of the vehicles.
She was asking Indy for help but he refused then there was a few shots of Marion tied up in the back of a jeep looking at Indy and Cate says something like 'Your reward, is her life!'

then the screen went black then there were loads of fast cut aways. Ones i remember are Indy and Ray winstone in a HUGE temple with grass/moss everywere.
Shot of a Cate holding a crystal skull, an aztec looking building exploding with white light, Cate Slapping Marion, ...Shia and Indy swinging across a ravine with walls crumbling arund them.
Shia is about to fall and Indy reaches out to grab his hand.
Then the titles.

THEN: I loved this bit....Marion punches Indy and he says 'i shoulda seen that coming' It was unbeleivable. It looks like such a awesome movie. It is literally huge

I cannot believe what has just happened. so so so unexpected!!!!

Guys it looks phenominal. Marion hasnt changed!"


Originally Posted by effin
hey the usc student that posted the original description on imdb has a fellow student that chimed in. the description makes me believe that they saw the thanksgiving trailer. here are his quotes:

"Hey guys. Ive just sat with my freind Marley who remembers a bit more about the footage we saw yesterday.

The raiders music kicked, we think the track is called 'the map room?!?
Then you hear a low buzzing pulsating. Therre were shots a jeeps crossing the Desert.

Military carrying guns, a shot of the ark being lifted out of a wooden crate with loads of officials watching on. The lid is just about to be lifted off when the screen goes black.

Then there were little bits of Indy at the university then it showed Cate in a white dress and hat stepping out of car.

She says something like 'your assistance is required' and he says ' i cant help you' and then the door to a car opens and marion is kicking and fightng to get free and cate says 'your reward is her life'.

Then it the music speeds up and is all choral and you see jeeps moving through the jungle, a BIG shot of an aztec city ( lots of bvlue screen), Indy running through a runined building, Marion and Cate fighting, Jim broadbent looking worried?!? Indy and Ray winstone in a temple. Shia fighting on some sort of machine? Cate kneeling at what looks like an alter placing the crystal skull next to loads of other crystal skulls, an aztec pyramid exploding with white light(again bluescreen, looked like a model) Shia and indy swinging across a ravine as the walls collapse around them. Shia slips and is about to fall when Indy reaches out to grab his hand
Marion punches Indy and he says 'I really shoulda seen that coming!'

That both of what we remember combined.

best i can do im afraid! It was awesome awesome awesome"

One more...

Originally Posted by MartyB
Hello all,

Some of you might have read my other post about Indiana Jones 5 comming out in 2009:

Well i don't think im too far off the mark, espically if this turns out to be true. Can anybody debunk this?


WARNING! Reading this fact could cause uncontrollable ear-to-ear smile

Based on the 6 titles of wonder filed by Lucas at MPAA and as spilled to me by an inside source (a Production Assistant) at Universal Studios, it can now be revealed that the story is all about the search for the 13 mysterious Crystal Skulls of apparently ancient origin found in parts of Mexico, Central America and South America.

These skulls, found near the ancient ruins of Mayan and Aztec civilizations (with some evidence linking the skulls with past civilization in Peru) are a mystery as profound as the Pyramids of Egypt, the Nazca Lines of Peru, or Stonehenge. Some of the skulls are believed to be between 5,000 and 36,000 years old. Many indigenous people speak of their remarkable magical and healing properties, but nobody really knows where they came from or what they were used for.

There is a touch of Atlantis mystery in the Indy Jones IV plot including a visit from the extraterrestrials and beings in Atlantis and Lemuria. This is where the Egyptian statues borrowed from Warner Bros Studios come from where they were supposedly descendants of ancient Atlantis. Industrial Light and Magic and 5 more post-production studios will subdivide some of the visual effects. During Indiana Jones' research with the skulls, he stumbled upon a phenomenon that he has embarked on and so began the venture for the lost City of Gods. While working with the skulls, performing scrying, Indy was using various colors and sounds. He placed the skull on a small light box and alternated several colors over the light source opening.

After recording his sessions over a period of several weeks, he began a review of the results. He was shocked to learn that when he used a certain color over the light source it seemed to activate a TIME PERIOD. And this is where the Russian Army comes into the picture! To steal those enigmatic Crystal Skulls and activate a time period where they rule the world and not the current world state.

Researching Indy's results further, he determined that each time he used the same color blue, for example, that he would revert to the same time frame. He could almost pick up where he left off at the end of the previous session that he used the particular color. The energy that these skulls produce is staggering. Are they indeed holding the knowledge of mankind? Were they left by an extraterrestrial intelligence? The ages of some of these skulls are estimated to be 100,000 years old. Without ancient documentation, psychometry may be the only tool that can be utilized to obtain the information. And the adventure goes on!

The story ends when Indy lost the only Crystal Skull to a faction of the Russian Army who was sent through a time warp caused by the activation of the Crystal Skull.

The next Indiana Jones movie will be made after 2 years.


Source Here:
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Professor Jones
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And here's another:

Originally Posted by nzlc

This was the official blurb sent with the trailer...

'Indiana Jones is back in the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures.
In 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' Indy is set to face his toughest chellenges yet.
A Mysterious Russian Agent (Cate Blanchett) challenges Indy (Harrison Ford) with recovering the
Ark of the Covenant from the American Government or face losing those closest to him.
With Indys beloved Marion a hostage of the Soviets and Marions son Abner (Shia Labeouf) hot on the trail
Indy discovers a terrifying plot to unite the powers of the Ark and the mystical Crystal Skulls in an effort to
wipe out the Soviets enemies.
Will Indy be able to save Marion and can Indy stop the Russians before they unleash an unstoppable power
upon the world.
Also Starring John Hurt, Ray Winstone, Jim Broadbent and Kate Capshaw'

Probably fake from the same guy p doggie over at imdb who did the trailer breakdown

Yes, it was fake...But my favorite one was surely that:

Originally Posted by MichaelDath
You have no reason to trust me. I have no credibility. Heck, you can curse me out on this thread and I wouldn't mind. I'm bound to get feedback that isn't all apple and pie. So, here's the sitch:

My gracious source, one who is the most trustworthy, sent me an email. Mind you this man tailor's to a few websites. He hadn't contacted me in over a year and I forgot about him. Until recently. He started sending me information again. Correct information, good information, and he now has my absolute trust.

Remember: I'm not looking to piss anyone off at the studio. Please remove the thread if the site has felt it not needed.

According to him, he has taken a look at the script. This is what he had to say about it.

Regarding Indiana and Mutt:

Marion Ravenwood concieved the child, supposedly, immediately after the first film. She withheld the information that this was Indiana's child as she had the belief about Indy never settling down from his wild way's. The child was born, and thus raised, without a father.

Here's the catch. Mutt know's that Indy is his father. He doesn't know anything further than that. His rap is that if his father didn't want him, he certainly doesn't need him. (How good could the man be, anyway?).

Regarding Abner Ravenwood:

My source was very stern about this next spoiler. Abner is indeed back and has his first appearance on pg. 34. Whether Hurt is the one to play him, I don't know. Abner dissapear's on Pg 64. (Presumably captured.)

Regarding the villain:

She is indeed played by the wonderful Cate Blanchett. Her role is one of great importance as she is a mix-up of Russian/German. Her objective is world domination and to restore the great empire of Russia. (He wouldn't let more information ago on the matter.)

Regarding Mutt, his name, and his attitude:

Mutt was named after the dog. (Yes, lame, I know.) His attitude in the script is ignorance. He's a greaser, rides a 56' motor, and doesn't have a care in the world.

Regarding Henry Jones:

He's dead. He was apparently killed off in his "One, last glorious adventure".

Regarding Macro:

Macro, "Mac", is somewhat a replacement for Henry Jones. He's a hired proffesional there to help Indy.

That's what he told me. He wouldn't let more go than the script is the best one out of them all. (Take this with a grain of salt, w/e). I believe my source and hopefully you do to.

Luckily we didn't. It's incredible and frankly difficult to understand why one should make up such a story (the "source", the plot, even the page numbers of the screenplay)! Bah!
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The Golden Idol
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Macro? LOL!
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Professor Jones
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Originally Posted by The Golden Idol
Macro? LOL!

Eheh, that made me really uncertain if laughing or crying... incredible how people's fantasy can push on making up such things (without any need and apparently without rational reason!).
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