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CS is not instantly forgettable - it takes a bit of time, except for all the bad bits.
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Montana Smith
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Originally Posted by Darth Vile
A tad unfair Montana. It's not like every movie Spielberg makes is great... or even good.

I was writing in relation to Indiana Jones. Spielberg's KOTCS creative input 'shook my confidence' in him as being involved with this series. I have full confidence in him as a director, and I liked the first three movies on your list. A.I. was hauntingly memorable (and I'm still on the lookout for an electronic A.I. Teddy!)

Lucas' input was less surprising because he'd already given us the prequels and messed with the originals.
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Darth Vile
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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon

Ha... I have a talent for not forgetting the forgettable.
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