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Computer + Video Games (UK games magazine) Indiana Jones Game Articles (80s/90s)

Scanned articles and covers from the UK's number one games magazine (in the 80s) 'Computer + Video Games' about Indiana Jones video games.

Issue 69

Issue 92

Issue 124

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Wow this is great, especially seeing the scans from computer magazines from late 80's/early 90's comparing them to video game magazines now, a lot sure has changed!
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I still have a copy of CVG issue 124.
I could never get myself to throw away the old CVG issues as they were some of the very first computer magazines I got to own.
Occasionally I still go through them for old times' sake.

While the quality of game magazines may have improved over the years until most went fully digital/online, the old late 80s/early 90s ones had a charm of their own or at least the British ones did.
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It's always fun to look back on stuff like this. I still have my original NES cartridges for ToD and LC. They weren't great games but I have fond memories of playing them as a kid.
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