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Willie Hott
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Originally Posted by Teneas
At the time I think I would of agreed. My taste for women seems to delve into the dark some times though. Marion is a total bada**. Strong, knows what she wants, a fighter, and isn't afraid to scrap with the boys. Those type of women are much hotter than needy divas any day in my book.

Marion from Raiders...not...well today.
Marion was definitely the most bad ass Indy gal. I mean, she drinks a husky dude under the table and kills a man to save Indy within the first 10 or 15 minutes she's on the screen. Also cold cocks Indy with a hay maker.

However, Willie also kills a bad guy.. With a GREAT right handed punch.. Knocks a Thuggee clean off the mine cart down a cliff inside the cave. She's very proper and prissy early on in the movie but definitely shows her strong side and spunk later on.. Even when facing certain death, she gives evil Indy a vicious scowl and then spits directly in his face. Then she winds up and slaps him while she's delirious after he saves her.

Willie is by far the most underrated Indy gal.
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Because of the memorable gruesome dinner of course !
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Major West
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Willie was tougher than she thought she was. She was just a fish out of water.
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I love Willie's anger at Lao for "Keep her! I find another!"
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Maybe because time has been kind and so we're not watching it now with all the baggage of Raiders in our minds like we did back then. For me I can watch the film now and not compare back to Raiders, I can watch it on its own merits and enjoy it without thinking about a still fresh Raiders of the Lost Ark and everything I had in my mind about what I thought TOD would be.
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