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have been looking everywhere here in Australia but cannot find anything as yet.
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Ignatius Stone
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Was looking through it in the store yesterday... It does seem a little pricey at £4.99 GBP... but as someone else said, it's unlikely the other issues will be that much.

Speaking of magazines, UK fans might be interested in picking up the new issue of the magazine "Toxic", as it contains a free Indy CDROM featuring stuff like the KOTCS trailer, TV spot, video clips from the original trilogy, a selection of the videos from, a history of Indy and his travels, info on the historical background of the artefacts from the movies, desktop wallpapers, puzzles, etc.
The next issue will also apparently contain some other free Indy stuff, too.
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Indy fan 235
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Originally Posted by Arab Swordsman
I don't think they'll all be 10 bucks. It says inside there are 2 100 page issues so I'm guessing those will be the 10 dollar ones and the rest will be in the 6 dollar range.

Oh, well, that sounds fair. I can handle that!
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