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Watched all the Indy films for the first time in about a year with my girlfriend for the first time. I have to say that KOTCS has aged very well. I went from being let down by the film back in 2008, to hating it, to loving it, now I really enjoy it. It's not a necessary film, it works as a fun epilogue, but it for me stands beside the original three films and is enjoyable from start to finish. The only things I would change would be to get rid of the sword fight between Spalko and Mutt and to have Indy use his whip at least once and shoot a few people. Other than that, I've really come to embrace it as part of the family. It's not on par with the originals; it's different, but different can be good. I really enjoy it. It's the most just brainless fun out of the four films.
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I stopped reading that article when it began its defense by asserting that the movie "had the right look, at the very least."
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