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The way too early predictions for Indy 5 production crew

I guess this is more of a wish list who I hope Spielberg chooses to help make the movie. The people we do know are Spielberg directing, David Koepp writing, Janusz Kaminski is the DP and John Williams will do the music and Michael Kahn editing.

But other roles:

Production Designer: Spielberg works mostly with Rick Carter but I'm kind of hoping he goes with Adam Stockhausen (Bridge of Spies, Ready Player One).

Stunt Coordinator: I think Gary Powell did a good job on KOTCS but I'd like to see Vic Armstrong (Ford's old stunt double) return the Indy fold. He last worked with Spielberg on War of the Worlds.

Costume Design: Kasia Walicka-Maimone. I liked what she did on Bridge of Spies and I like what I see so far from the costumes on Ready Player One.

Sound Design: It's a tradition to have Ben Burtt in charge of sound but if he can't do it then Gary Rydstrom would be my 2nd choice.

VFX Supervisor: There are so many talented guys at ILM but I'd like to see what John Knoll could do with Indiana Jones movie.

That's about all I think about right now. I'd like to hear other ideas who you would like seeing behind the camera for this movie.
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