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Barryson Ford
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Has anyone seen it ?
I've posted this on the Indy 4 board cuz what struck me about it is that i am now no longer worried by the age-issue regarding Indy 4.
You know the fact that we will have a 62 year Indiana Jones in the next film ?
That it may be laughable ?

Well look at that trailer where you have a 72 YEAR OLD Sean Connery playing an adventurer who wears a fedora !!!
I repeat the man is 72years old .
He is involved in fistfights,he is running and jumping around like someone half his age and it doesn't look laughable at all,it should be but it isn't.

I dunno but that trailer really made me confident in Indy 4 cuz if Connery can be a believable fedora wearing adventure hero at 72 then surely Ford can also.
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See an example of what Barryson is talking about here:

The leather Jacket. Hmmmmmm...
I think you are right.
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I've just seen the trailer and it looks fantastic!

They're wrong about one thing though. Sean Connery's character is NOT the worlds greatest adventurer. INDIANA JONES IS!!!
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The Succsession of Heroes

I personally find this film very interesting as it seems to be the spiritual father of the Indy series in my point of view the sucsession of the heroes went like this:

1880 - 1920: The grand British imperial hero (Yes i know my american friends about Western heroes but these are not really in the tradition of the globe trotting hero) examples of these heroes can be seen in characters such as Sherlock Holmes and other such tales where duty, loyalty and comradeship were valued.

This is represented in contempory times as the film League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

1920 - 1939: The Era of the Pulp Hero, these are very much in the tradition of the idealised hero but made more human. Indy belongs to this particular genre.

1939 - 1959: The era of the great redblooded hero

1960 - 1989: The Era of the Cold War hero, a middleground between the duty bound hero and the cynical pulp hero.

This is represeted now by James Bond
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im just chuckling like a looney right now. i guess sean connery liked being a jones so much hes started his own spinoff. the adventures of henry jones sr. lol.

:: please oh please dont let indy iv have cgi will ruin the movie! ::
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Aaron H
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Henry "Arizona" Jones, Sr.!!!
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Old 05-11-2003, 09:16 AM   #7
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Sean Connery is a leading man in his own right, he also has the reputation. If Sean can pull it off then Ford can too no doubt.

Looks like Hollywood is finally apologizing for that awful King Solomon's Mines 80's movie, good work Tinseltown.
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Originally posted by Aaron H
Henry "Arizona" Jones, Sr.!!!

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Shouldn't that be Henry "Utah" Jones, Sr. (assuming that you're referring to the begining of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)?


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