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'Quick Restaurant' Indy KotCS toys

Hey there,

While I was working on my computer today, I heard the Raiders March on tv in the dining room. I bolted out of my chair to see what it was (thinking it was a tv spot for KotCS or something) but it turned out to be a commercial for the 'Quick Restaurant' fast food chain. A boy was opening his paper 'Top Menu' bag and every time he opened it the Raiders March played. Then an off screen voice said that Indiana Jones arrived in Quick Restaurants.

Sadly, they didn't show in what form he 'arrived' so I quickly went to their website. In the 'kids' section, I found what toys will be included in the Top Menu's from April 30th to June 3d:
  • a Crystal Skull necklace
  • a notebook and pen with UV light
  • a projection lamp
  • a treasure map game
  • a wristband with compass

Here they are:

For those who have never heard of the restaurant chain, 'Quick' is a Belgian fast food restaurant chain (similar to McDonald's), established in 1971 in Schoten, Belgium.
Today, it has more than 400 restaurants in Belgium, France, Algeria, Morocco, Dubai, Luxembourg and Russia.
Its official website is

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Hey cool stuff, Fixer79! Love the Crystal Skull necklace.

Give me a PM, will ya? Thanks.
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Boy, you'd never see a fast food place give a kid a map as a toy in the US! Explains a lot, I guess.

Thanks for letting us know, fixer. I love seeing international promotions.
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Rocket Surgeon
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Originally Posted by ILoooooveCamels
I love seeing international promotions.

KFC | Movie Bucket Indiana Jones TVC from zanad on Vimeo.

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Love it! Thanks for posting that, Rocket. (I'd love to see Indy side-by-side Col. Sanders, though!)
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I really just like seeing a skull pendant in a kid's meal!

"Look, Mom! Head bones! Can I wear it to school tomorrow?"
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