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otto rahn
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If you like "Doc Savage" you might try "Thunder Jim Wade", both the original stories by Henry Kuttner (reprinted by Altus Press) and "The New Adventures Of Thunder Jim Wade" by Andrew Salmon and others (from Pro Se press as "pulp obscura").
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Lost Horizon
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Originally Posted by The Drifter
Well these WERE written in the 1930s and are pulp, or purple prose.
All written by Robert E. Howard.

The Conan Tales.
Solomon Kane Tales.
Bran Mak Mourn Tales
King Kull Tales.

One of the most Indy-esque characters from Robert E. Howard is El Borak. Same time period, most of the action takes place in the Middle East. There's only one story (that I can recall) that has any real supernatural flavor to it, and it's still pretty light. But on the whole, the tales are extremely enjoyable (and characteristically R.E.H.) and most definitely have influenced Indiana Jones in some ways.
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