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New Inca temple found in Peru

LIMA - Researchers have found the ruins of an Inca temple built for religious ceremonies in the Andes mountains, at a park in the archeologically rich region of southern Peru that includes Machu Picchu.

The temple measures 2,700 sq feet, includes 11 rooms of various sizes and an area in the shape of a Chacana, an Incan religious symbol.

"This was an adoration center," said Oscar Rodriguez, a researcher at the Sacsayhuaman archeological park that, like the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, is a popular tourist destination.

It just happens that somehow this sounds very familiar, doesn't it...

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So THAT's where I left it!

Couldn't resist.
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Originally Posted by Finn
So THAT's where I left it!
behind the couch?
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Man, I so want to get there...

I either wanted to do a Central America trip or a Peru trip this summer, but it's quickly appearing that those are slipping through my fingers.
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