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20,000 leagues Under the Sea
The Mysterious Island
The Count of Monte Cristo (does this count?)

Ehhh....more to come when I remember.
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Originally posted by Joe Brody

People who I've recommended Bull's novels to have told me that they found the first novel, White Rhino Hotel, to be the weakest. I don't agree with that view but it's something that I've heard more than once. Based on this feedback, if you happen on a copy of 'Cafe on the Nile' first, you may want to start there, then read 'Devil's Oasis' and then go back and read 'White Rhino'. Do you agree Luckylighter?

I couldn't agree more, Joe. I found "White Rhino" to be the slowest moving of the three books, and the one that took me the most time to read.
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