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The Reaper
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Add me to the list of Crystal Skull lovers! It ain't perfect but it's a fun adventure film and it is so nice to see Ford in the role again, I'll take whatever we get. I've never understood the hate it gets.
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Every time I watch it I enjoy it more and more.
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With 7 years of hindsight, it was a great sequel. A B rated film in a series of A to A+'s. That doesn't make it a failure, but there was NO way an Indy 4 could've lived up to the original 3. Not with the massive amounts of hype and anticipation surrounding it. People were expecting a film that would outdo Last Crusade or even Raiders, to be something that epic. What we got was more Temple of Doom. It is a great film and works as a nice epilogue to Jones' career. If a reboot is done hopefully the creators don't go out of their way to declare KOTCS "non-canon". I don't think it deserves to be considered "one of the worst films ever made."
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Originally Posted by Raiders112390
What we got was more Temple of Doom.

Please don't compare KOTCS to the masterpiece that is Temple of Doom.
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Túrin Turambar
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I thought it was on par with Temple not sure anymore, probably the
Weakest of the 4. It's a good film, the problem is it could have been a great film.

With A few changes, George should have given Steve much more control on it, that would have made it a strong sequel!!
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