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Here is a new Level from my Instrumentsof Chaos Stratagy guide:

Instruments of Chaos starring Young Indiana Jones
Germany Act 1: The Zeppelin Base
Sega Genisis 1994


First shoot the guard at the first small building, then run to the next one, shoot the guard and run back to the left. A crate has appeared, brake it for some Gernades, which are very useful in this level. Now run all the way right while shooting any guards you encounter. When you pass a big building, whip the crate for bullets and climb up the tower. At this point, I have discovered a game secret: Jump up to the platform that is twice as long as the regular platforms (It will be the 8th platform from bottom and 3rd from top) Use 3 gernades to destroy the machine Gun. Now run left and jump off the plattform, a gas weapon will push you back, but keep holding left and you'll fall on a platform under the Zeppelin. Kill the 1 gaurd here and the door will open, 10 gaurds will come out one at a time, use your gun, or remaining gernades to kill them all, when done walk to the door to begin Act 2.....

to View the London Bridge Walkthrough:
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