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The Fugitive (original 1960s television series)

I assume that most of you share my opinion that the feature film version of The Fugitive is one of Harrison Ford's best non-Indy films. But as much as I enjoyed the movie when I saw it in its intial release in 1993, I never bothered to delve into the source material for the film: the original television series, which starred David Janssen. I never bothered--until the release of the first half of the series' first season on DVD last fall.

I rented the first disc on a whim and quickly became hooked. The original show, which ran from 1963 to 1967, has long been a favorite of critics and TV fans alike, and I have to agree: the depth of characterization, the suspense, and the high quality of the acting make The Fugitive one of great series in television history.

Currently, I'm watching the episodes featured in the Season One, Volume Two set. Along with premiere of that little art-house movie about the archaeologist named after a dog, I'm also eagerly anticipating the release date of The Fugitive: Season Two, Volume One in June.

Here's my question: Anybody else out there into this show? Anyone else who has watched/purchased the DVDs?
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One of the greatest television shows of all time. You might find the following book an entertaining and informative accessory to the DVDs:

THE FUGITIVE RECAPTURED by Ed Robertson (Pomegranate Press Ltd., Introduction by Stephen King and Foreward by Barry Morse, who played Lt. Philip Gerard).

King: "(Lt. Gerard) really scared me as a kid. Whereas most series characters remain emotionally static, Gerard actually seemed to grow less and less tightly wrapped as the show continued. Gerard was completely nuts-- at least I thought so. Kimble had made him crazy, and as THE FUGITIVE went on, you could see him heading further and further into freako land."

And David Janssen's portrayal of Kimble was highly sympathetic; he even saved Gerard's life several times during the course of the series, but that did nothing to alter Gerard's fanatical devotion to the letter of the law: "The law says he's guilty; I enforce the law."

The show was quite different from the movie, so they can both be enjoyed independently of each other.

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As a matter of fact, I just got my hands on a copy of The Fugitive Recaptured and have begun reading the entries in the episode guide for the shows I've seen so far. (At the rate the DVDs are released, it's going to be years before I finish the book!)

Thanks for the suggestion.
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herr gruber
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Voiceover:The Fugitive! Starring David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble! Also starring Barry Morse! This week's episode...Terror In The Night!

I love that show! Janssen's portrayal is so sympathetic. I wish the movie would have emulated the feel of this series.
Wasn't the Incredible Hulk inspired by the premise of this show?
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As a kid and Harrison Ford fan I rewatched the repeats of the Fugitive over her in the UK when they were screened to coincide with the films release. It was nothing short of incredible. I love how Kimble dyed his hair with boot polish (or something) - the smell must've given him away!

Also awesome were the (incredibly fake) fake names he adopted that the narrator would give at the start of each show. The kind of name that if someone claimed to be called you'd eye them dubiously.

I was also a fan of the series reboot. I loved how each episode had an overall arc and always ended with a ridiculous stunt to escape custody. I missed the last episode but am sure it ended on a never resolved cliffhanger.

And, of course, I've recently rewatched the whole of series one of the Incredible Hulk. A worthy successor and a tragic tale. AWESOME!
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