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Natrually some of the best parts in an Indiana Jones film are the amazing stunts so what great stunts would you put in Indy 4?
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well, we need something origonal, something that no one has even done, or thought of doing, befor

hmmm.... (these Ideas all stink, but it's better then nothing)

indy and a foe hang from the underside of a sky tram way (air rail, gondola, sky lift, whatever you wanna call it), perhaps but whips, they can go swinging around and punching, the foe (or another foe) tries to cut indy's whip..............find out what happens in......bad indy 4 Ideas: The Movie

a helicopter is slowly raising from the ground slwoly, indy races to it and whips the bars on the underside, in mid air he climbs up and..................find out what happens in......bad indy 4 Ideas: The Movie

(a situation simular to LC) indy, in a small bi-plane is forced to go on the road and go through a tunnel, the wings fit and unlike the german in LC he gets thruogh okay, on the other side he takes to the skys again and...............find out what happens in......bad indy 4 Ideas: The Movie

a large plane in the sky.....VRRRMMM!!! indy drives out in a convertable or something and it free falls from high in the air, there are foes he too, he fights them off, he attaches parachutes the the front and back and pops em, the car drifts slowing down and at the bottom, indy simply drives away..........NAW!!! too bondish

yeah, I know, those Ideas sucked
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Escaping a collapsing Shangri-La (They landed by plane at shangri-la, and now they must flee)

Indy and friends make a break for it as an army of Mad Monks chase them through the collapsing temple. The Statue of a Warrior stands guard by the window, below is steep slope down the snowy Himalayan mountainside.

"This way" shouts Indy, prying the tall metal shield from the marble hands of the stone warrior monk. Rock supports crumble from the ceiling nearly crushing princess Whoever. Sallah reaches out and pulls her to safety as the huge stone block crashes to the floor. Indy turns to Sallah, "stop messin around" he shouts. "Sorry Indy" Sallah shouts back.

At the window Indy and Sallah lift the metal shield and teter it over the edge. Princess whoever looks out into the white snowy landscape and realizes what is about to happen. Behind them the Mad Monks charge down the corridor. "Oh ****" says Indy. Princess looks at Indy, "No way, buster, if you think for a second that I'm gonna--"
Suddenly the weight shifts in the metal shield and it spills over the window ledge and crashes into the snow mound below. Instantly it begins to slide down the mountain. Indy grabs the princess and pushes Sallah over the edge. The three heroe's fall into the soft snow. Indy and Sallah push through toward the sliding shield. Princess follows looking up at the height they just fell from. Above, the Monks arrive at the window ledge, their leader, Shiza Kahn yells in a foreign language. The monks all reach into their robes and remove bone horns. They blow into their horns sending a deep penetrating note into the mountains.

Indy and Sallah reach the shield and climb on, the shield gaining speed as they go. The princess runs behind reaching toward Indy. "Innnddyyyyyy!!!!" she yells stretching as far as she can just missing his outstretched hand by millimetres. "Reach out, hurry!!" Indy yells, just as their hands lock. Indy throws her onto the sheild, she tumbles over onto her back and sighs. Indy starts to chuckle when he suddenly becomes aware of a low rumble off in the distance. Indy turns toward the sound and bears witness to the one thing that could destroy them all...


"What?" yells the princess. Indy climbs to the front of the shield and taps Sallah on the shoulder, "Yes Indy?"

"Slide faster." is all Indy says as he points to the rolling wall of snow and ice that races toward them. "Yes Indy."

The shield begins to slide faster as its three riders lean forward, putting their weight to the front. Behind them Shiza Kahn races down the mountain slope yelling. In the distance the Temple crumbles into a huge cloud of black dust and smoke.

"Oh great." says the princess, watching the Warrior Monk approach with gaining speed. Almost immediately he is neck and neck with Indys shield.

Shiza shifts his weight sending his speeding shield toward Indys. Indy braces himself and just before the shields collide he jumps over to Shizas. The sudden weight slows Shizas shield enough to miss Sallah and the princess.

Sallah looks up to see the plane ahead wedged in the ice and snow. He grabs the Princess by the scruff and says, "Excuse me, Princess" and throws her over the side, then Sallah jumps. They tumble down toward the plane and slow to a stop. Sallah jumps to his feet climbs into the plane.

"Hey buster, you're not leaving without me." the princess climbs in after him. Sallah tries the engines, but the plane wont turn over. He looks out the door and sees the plane pontoon is sealed in solid ice.

Indy and Shiza fight as the shield races at top speed down the mountain slope. Shiza blocks Indys punch and counters with his own. The powerful hit throws indy down. Dazed, Indy looks up to see Shiza bracing for his next hit. Indy kicks out with both legs. Shiza flys off of the shield and disappears into the snow. Indy gets up to see Shiza disappear.

In the distance, the avalanche is gaining. Suddenly the shield slams into the plane, shattering the frozen encasing.

From inside the cockpit Sallah shouts "Good Indy!!" The plane begins sliding down the slope. The engines still wont turn over, Sallah keeps trying. "Come on, come on." shouts the princess, "I'm trying Princess" Sallah says.

Outside Indy climbs to his feet, shakes off the snow and heads toward the sliding plane.

At the cockpit door Indy see's the princess and smiles. The princess frowns. Shiza shouts to Indy from behind him. Indy frowns, and turns. Shiza stands with his fists motioning them to Indy. The message is clear, he wants to fight. Indy turns to see the Avalanche is fast approaching. In the plane, Sallah is trying to get Indy's attention. "Um, Indy."
Shiza swings, Indy ducks, then charges him throwing Shiza up and onto the sliding plane's wing. "Indy, I must speak with you." says Sallah. "Not now Sallah" says Indy as Shiza climbs to his feet, he jumps off of the wing and sends Indy tumbling. The force from Shiza's jump pushes the plane ahead faster. Indy see's the plane move and hears that the avalnach is almost upon them. He pulls out his bullwhip and whips the landing pontton of the plane. Direct hit! The whip locks around the leg and pulls Indy past Shiza. "Sionara Shiza."

Indy begins pulling himself toward the plane. Shiza screams with his arms in the air as the Avalanche consumes him. His screams drowned by the deafening roar of the rolling ice and snow.

Indy reaches the pontoon, pulls himself up and climbs into the cockpit. "Okay Sallah, what was so import--" Ahead, through the glass of the plane, is the straight edge of the mountain quickly approaching the plane.

"Hold on!" shouts Indy as he struggles with the door trying to close it. The door gives and slams shut just as the front of the plane goes over the edge. The heroes disappear into the abyss, the Avalanche crumbles over the edge spilling tons of ice and snow into the chasm. Then silence.

Suddenly out of the clouds, the small plane roars into view and flys off over the mountains. They made it.

Copyright, Che Mcnabb (The greatimposter)

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Maybe this shoulda been in screenplay format...
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80 jones
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I would like to see a big action sequence on a sailing ship, possibly with Indy climbling and fighting up the mast.
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I wanna see at least one classic stunt sequence in the film.

Raiders has many : the bolder, the plane, the car chase.

TOD doest really live up to Raiders

LC has one : the tank sequence

Maybe indy should jump from a horse onto one of those sea planes.
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