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Merek Jones
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A Double Trilogy

Ok, so I have been thinking about this since the New Indiana Jones movie was first being discussed before filming. I think they should do a new trilogy with the older Indiana Jones. I mean since we have no real say in the fact that Indiana Jones is now an older fella and of course I hate to see anyone else play the role. I think that it would a great idea to do this. I'll tell you why. We have all seen and watched Indiana Jones through all three of his three adventures, why not have two more movies (besides the INDY4) describing what he is like now as an older Indiana Jones. It could be a real progression on his character and we could enjoy the transition change through his life. Now I am not a huge fan of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, but why not exploit it. I know that seems kinda harsh to say it like that, but look at what we have. The little boy that turns into the man we know of today. What an awsome chunck of his life that we can follow. So many hours of enjoying the character that we all love. It just would make sense. Now the whole Shio or whatever his name is, I will not past judgment on him until I see him in the movie, so far through out his carreer he has been type casted as the neurotic teenager, but who knows he might surprise us all. That's all I am going to say about him for now.

So tell me what you think?

Merek Jones
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*sigh* I hate to break it to ya pal, but this has been discussed to death. Only matter of time before the mods close this one.
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To the thread opener: I understand you're new and eager to post stuff, but since this board hasn't been opened yesterday we'd really appreciate if you spent some time looking deeper into the archives (like the last month or so) and see if it really was that original of an idea you thought it was.

Here you go, two topics dealing with the subject that are still rather fresh:

To Violet Indy or anyone who likes to post these "Dead Subject, here comes Big Bad Finn and locks this" -messages: Would it be too much of a hassle to ask if YOU did already include the reference link(s) to the existing discussion(s) without making me do it? What you're practically telling to the new guy is "We've already talked about this and the discussion's over, go home" instead of "We're talking about it right here, come on in"... see?
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Merek Jones
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I have been reading many posts on here, on and off for the aleast three days. I guess I haven't come across that thread yet or I scanned over it. Oh well, sorry.
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