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Dance of the Giants

I ordered a copy of Dance of the Giants last month from Amazon, before the new reprints came out, and I just saw the new version and it's thicker than my copy. How many pages are there supposed to be in this book? Mine only has 230 pages and I believe the new reprint has around 270 or so.
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Are you sure it isn't bigger font doing that or something? We need confirmation on this if this is true. And if so, I'm going to have to buy a new one.
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What about the font size? Maybe it was printed with larger fonts which take up more page space making the book longer thus giving the thickness?
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According to Amazon, Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants is 304 pages and 6.9 x 4.2 x 0.7 inches. I don't know if that's the reprint or the original.

I sincerely hope they didn't enlarge the font for the reprint because big text makes it very hard for me to get into a book.
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I ordered some a while back from amazon, and got the thinner copies. It's a thinner stock of paper used, that's all. The whole book is there.
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my re-print (didn't even know it was a re-print until now ) has 277 story pages and some preview of other indy novels. the letter size is almost te same as the letters on this forum

also, the indiana jones logo on the cover have punched-out (or how do you call it) letters that the old one's don't have
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I'm about sixty pages in now on this one, and one thing keeps going through my mind. What is Indy thinking? Deidre is Jones' student. He is attracted to her, and it's worrying me. Seems somewhat questionable to me... I'm hoping he's not going to date her while she's still his student. Did this bother anyone else?
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