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Originally Posted by Stoo
Personally, I never noticed this panel until you brought attention to it and it's pretty shocking to see in a comic of that time. The other interpretation, the ménage-a-trois, is downright INSANE! One could elaborate on why Willie would have those suspicions but...EEESH!

Anything goes in 1935 Shanghai. I didn't miss that panel. I thought it was a little weird, and maybe Willie especially in hysterics, becomes even more illogical in her thinking.

Originally Posted by Moedred
This is even worse than rearranging the dialogue in Raiders to suggest Marion was getting a periscope ride of her own.

You know, I totally missed that one. Though I could interpret that as she refused to be bedded by Belloq and just wasn't talking to him. The question is would it be in Belloq's character to be a gentleman to Marion or would he just rape her?
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