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Question Looking for an Indy book

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a small diary/journal like book, with red band strap that was released during Kingdom of Crystal Skulls' debut in 2008. It contains past records, articles, newspaper clippings, drawings of tombs and artefacts by Indy, some scribbles by Short Round, adverticement (like a metal fridge) and others.

Can someone give me the name of the book? And to some who has it, is it any good?

I've already have the DK Ultimate Guide and another hardcover Indy book (that covers Indy timeline - includes Young Indiana Jones, etc). So I'm looking for this particular one as well.

Thank you.
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Yes, I know the book you seek.

'Tis called "The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones". There's no named author other than that of "Henry Jones Jnr."

I have a copy of it, and it's a great little collector's item, and it's not a novel, but a fun little companion to your other books. It quite artistic and even includes a letter from Abner Ravenwood.

Here's a thread on the book, with other Raveners' opinions and reviews, as well as news leading up to it's release.

The only other hard cover book I can think of is "The Greatest Adventures of Indiana Jones". It was published outside of the US, so it's mostly the Raveners in Europe and myself in Australia who managed to get our hands on that one. That's a cute book similar in vein to the Dragonlogy and Pirateology books, with pop up bits and also pull outs like money and maps. Here's a thread on that with some pics:

If it's not that one, you might want to be a bit more specific as to the description of the hardcover book you're looking for.
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You are looking for:
The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones

Amazon doesn't seem to have it in stock, except on Amazon marketplace, so I wonder if it is OOP now?

It's a cool little book to have. Indy Magnoli did some contributions to it.
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Thank you for the replies guys.
Yes I'm looking for The Lost Journal. I'll be hunting it in my bookstore but if they have no stock, the Internet is my last resort.

The other book in that link looks interesting as well but I'll need to check The Lost Journal first for now.

Thanks again!
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