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Question What should the next Indy lady be like?

I think we can safely assume that Disney will eventually make a fifth Indy movie.

For the purposes of this thread, I am also assuming that Indy 5 will be a prequel, with the main story taking place before TOD in the timeline, and a new actor in his early 30s wearing the fedora. This seems to be the most likely scenario, regardless of whether or not Ford gets to play a cameo or bookend role.

Based on that, what do you think the next Indy lady (or "Jones girl", if you prefer ) should be like, in terms of personality?

We had Marion (kick-ass, sassy), Willie (helpless, funny), and Elsa (cold, calculating) and I’m sure we all agree that the Jones lady’s personality represents one of the main variables in Indy's adventures, which confers each of the first three movies a different and distinctive flavor*.

My preference for the next Indy lady would be: a sophisticated, smart, scholarly character who ends up actively helping Indy solve the puzzles and defuse the boobytraps they encounter in their quest for the macguffin.

I would also like to see some initial friction and antagonism between Indy and her.
She could be a scientist or a specialist of some kind, and Indy could perhaps be ordered to take her on his travels against his will, by whoever sends him on his quest.

Initially Indy would underestimate her and treat her like ballast, while she would think him arrogant and motivated by greed, not real thirst for knowledge (these would be Indy’s “fortune and glory” days, after all). In the end of course they would resolve their differences, and end up together.

Well, those are my thoughts, anyway. What are your views?

*many here at the Raven already pointed out that one of KOTCS’ many shortcomings was Marion’s underdeveloped role.
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